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Selling your home is a complex process that can be overwhelming. To help you navigate this process, we developed our innovative Home Selling System that addresses the main issues of home selling:

  • Preparing your home for sale which includes what to repair or replace and how to stage your home for maximum effect.
  • Setting the sale price of your home using our expertise combined with neighborhood and community data of recent home sales.
  • Advertising your home for sale through a variety of outlets, including social media platforms as well as traditional listings.
  • Negotiating with the buyers can be emotional and nerve wracking but our skilled agents will support you through this process.
  • Closing the sale requires attention to detail and paperwork that we manage with a special online system.

Our satisfied clients have found that our Home Selling System helped to sell their homes faster and for a higher price than they expected.


Your home must look its best to get top dollar and our trained agents will help you identify and prioritize those repairs and improvements that will provide the best return on your investment and those that you should leave for the buyer to address. Once these tasks are complete, we offer home staging advice to make sure that each and every room in your home looks its best and attracts potential buyers.


Establishing the correct price for your home is an important factor of the process. Overpriced homes stay on the market much longer and often sell for a lower price than the owners would have received if they had priced it appropriately on the initial listing. From industry experience, we know that the majority of your showings will occur in the first 30 days your home is on the market so it is crucial that your initial list price matches buyer expectations. Our agents are experts at home pricing and use an advanced market analysis software that will determine the optimal list price for your home. They will provide you with a comprehensive report that details what this optimal price is and how it was determined. You may request this detailed market analysis of your home at any time.


The more potential buyers you have seeing your listing and viewing your home, the greater your chance of a quick sale at the price you want. Our agents utilize our Home Selling System get our listings in front of as many potential buyers as possible. We start by identifying your ideal buyer and develop a tailored marketing program designed to reach and engage people who meet those criteria. This program is implemented using our expertise in reaching a wide audience and we utilize several methods to present the listing that includes:

  • Social Media Networking
  • Email
  • Direct Mail
  • Print Campaigns

Our efforts focus on all the places where buyers go to search for homes that are available in their target communities and neighborhoods.
While your home is on the market we provide ongoing status reports that show:

  • Your top prospects;
  • Feedback summaries of from your showings;
  • Reviews of completed and planned marketing activities; and
  • Recommendations to adjust our course of actions.

We also keep tabs on your competition through our neighborhood alert system which notifies you and your agent when similar homes in your neighborhood come on the market, go under contract or sell. Our experienced agents will strive to bring you the best offers for your home and will keep your listing up-to-date and active through all of our outlets.


You don’t have to accept an offer on your home and instead can reject it or present a counter offer. This negotiation process is most successful when you work with an experienced agent who understands the give and take required to reach your desired outcome. An accomplished agent can have a huge impact on your final sale price and is exactly who you want negotiating the details of your sale. Our home listing specialists are skilled negotiators who can help you get the:

  • Highest price a potential buyer is willing to pay;
  • Best terms;
  • Shortest contingencies;
  • Fewest repairs; and
  • Lowest closing costs.

Our agents understand that an adversarial, winner-take-all perspective will derail a negotiation. Instead, they focus on your top priorities and help keep emotions from overrunning the process. The result is an enforceable, contract that meets your needs and will result in a completed sale.


Once your home goes under contract our sophisticated online transaction management system assures that the buyers and their agent complete their contractual obligations in a timely manner. We are flagged when deadlines are missed or issues arise so they can be addressed immediately. Our goal is to keep a firm closing date with no surprises that can delay or derail the sale.


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